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Crocheted Baby Blanket

In October 2014 I made a couple of videos about granny squares. I never did any baby blanket before and I found this to be a LOT of fun. Although I do not have a small baby at home I decided to continue crocheting a baby blanket after I finished my tutorial video.

I decided to put the blanket together with a single stitch. I love the thin white lines between colorful squares. After I crocheted all the squares together, I crocheted an edge around, creating a "rounder" corners. My edge was crocheted this way:

  1. row of single crochet all around
  2. row of *[1 sc, ch3 into each third st.]* - repeat around the entire perimeter
  3. into each ch3 crochet 4 dc, then 1 slip stitch into each sc from previous row
Then I weaved in all the loose ends and voila, here are few images of the baby blanket (click on the images to see them bigger). 

Before I put the blanket together its measurements were 32"x40". My finished blanket measures 29"x35" without blocking it. If I would block the blanket it would be slightly bigger. 


If you'd love to see videos, there are several in my playlist for right handed people HERE, and left handed crocheters can see a couple of videos HERE (although I do not show how to attach squares with single crochet stitch as in images below)