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Crocheted Earrings

I had a request for crocheted earrings. I decided to share with you my step-by-step instructions. They are not hard to make. However, since I was working with a very fine thread and tiny beads a good finger/hand dexterity is needed. They can be done in a couple of hours. They can make a great gift for a teenager or even a nice pair of earrings to match a special dress. Enjoy.

2 split rings 12mm
2 earings
18 beads
DMC thread - 2 colors of your choice
hook #4 (2mm)

sl st - slip stitch
sc - single crochet
dc - double crochet
st - stitch

Step-by-step Instructions:

make 2 

dark color
Row 1 - ch1 around the split ring, 30 sc around the split ring, connect into circle with sl st
Row 2 - 30 dc, connect into circle with sl st
cut the string off

light color
Row 3 - ch1 into first st, *[ch3, 1 sc into 3rd st] - repeat from * until you have ten 3-chain patterns; (note: the last sc will be placed into the same spot as first ch)
Row 4 - 5 sc into each 3-chain part (total 10x) - connect into circle
cut the string off

dark color - string 9 beads onto your DMC thread
Row 5 - start in the middle (3rd sts of first 5-sc part) - ch1, *[ch4, 1 sc into the middle of next 5-sc part] - repeat 9 more times  (note: the last sc will be placed into the same spot as first ch)
Row 6 - each 4-chain part will be worked on this way - *[2 sc, 2 dc, pull one bead up and sl st around it, 2 dc, 2 sc] - repeat from * 8 more times (total 9 beads in each corner/part); into the last (tenth part) crochet in the earring instead of your bead (= 2 sc, 2 dc, with the pointy part of the earring facing you put the hook through the earrings hole and sl st, 2 dc, 2sc) , then connect into circle with sl st.

Weave in all the loose ends. Starch your earrings to retain the shape.

If you find any errors, please let me know - click HERE


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