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Crochet Along - Ripple Hat From "Red Heart"

About two weeks ago I got a note in my Google+ Comments via "YouTube" -"Would you, please, videotape a crochet along video of making a hat. My lady subscriber included the written pattern. I did some search and found out that this pattern is from the "RED HEART" web site. I was not sure if I can make a video of their pattern (I always make my own ideas), so I contacted the company and they were very nice and told me "Yes, you can do it."
Few days later I sat down and started working on the crocheting and videotaping it. Video is about 50+ minutes long, and I hope it will help many people. So if you would like to crochet along click on THIS LINK to crochet with me. For written pattern on Red Heart website click on the first link above.

I hope you will enjoy crocheting with me, as much as I enjoyed making this video while crocheting the hat :-)