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My New Video Editor

My new video editor      
I AM VERY FRUSTRATED!!! I have to share my frustrations with you, ladies and gentlemen - to keep my sanity.

First, my old video editor started acting up and was not either editing well (I noticed in few of my last videos after uploading it to YouTube some dark flicks) or it was crashing on me when I was editing video. I went on-line and read the reviews of new upgrades and decided not to go that route because videographers cannot use that sucker anymore due to a bad coding. It crashes on them more than before or doesn't do what they are asking the editor to do, etc. I don't want to waste money on that... OK, problem solved. Let's move on.

So, I finally bought a new and expensive video editor that I was eying for about two years and which has good reviews. (Thank you, my dear husband and my dear mom-in-law for a really nice gift.) For a couple of days now I've been learning this new video editor so I can post more videos to my Youtube Channel for my knitting and crocheting virtual colleagues and fans. However, my new program (understand my new video editor) is a lot more complicated to navigate than the old one. I have to learn a new terminology and what it means, and learn new ways how it works. And that is quite exhausting to master. Hours and hours of re-learning and unlearning the old editor, AND learning new stuff.

Well, I finally put together about a 2-minute long video, but now my computer tells me that I do not have enough memory. OK, I click on something to "get rid of" something - whatever it is. Then I try to save it or upload it or whatever. Not happening. OK, no problem - be patient, Bronislava, I tell myself.

I try to "poke" around my new editor, click on many drop-down menus, then do a search on Google, read many questions and answers, then do few other steps in my editor AND then...... it completely crashes! Exhausted and starving because I don't eat when I try to solve problems, I go to the kitchen and make a meal for my lovely husband and I. He is also hungry, helping our daughter with math for as many hours as I learned my new program. Too bad our dogs can't cook.

So, the conclusion: I need to purchase a new hard drive and move a lot of stuff from my computer to that hard disk because I "burned" the connection to my old hard drive when I was upgrading my computer's operating system - I forgot to unplug it. Sigh. Well, it was almost full anyway. So no biggie. Then I want a new computer with a LOT OF MEMORY for my large video files (yeah fat chance). And I need a vacation. Too bad I keep spending so much money on yarn and tools. LOL.

Let's just keep knitting and crocheting and be happy.


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