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Crocheted Belt >>> Hackovany Opasek

One day I was sitting, nothing to do and my daughter asked me if I would buy her a belt. I looked at her and asked her if she would like one to be handmade - that I will crochet her one. She liked the idea and I went on a scavenger hunt in my closet and found a cotton thread for crocheting. I made a very simple pattern in my head and started to crochet. I started with 8 chains and from then in every row, I would crochet 7 "single crochet stitches" (sc 7). I continued until the belt would be just about an inch and a half shorter than her jeans' waistline. I made it that way because I knew that the belt would stretch when tie-ing. On the ends, I would attach long threads, which I braided. When I was finished my daughter was all excited. For a while, it was her favorite belt. As she grew a little older, she tied the belt to the belt loop. Because the braided string was quite thick, it was easy to untie the belt.

Would you like to make this belt? CLICK HERE for more info and links to videos.

Updated January 17, 2018


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Jednoho dne se mne dcerka zeptala, jestli bych ji koupla novy opasek. Ponevadz jsem nemela nic na praci a nevedela jsem co s sebou delat, tak jsem ji navrhla, ze ji pasek uhackuju. Napad se ji velmi libil. Sla jsem do skrine a zacala jsem se v ni hrabat, az jsem nasla bavlnenou prizi. Hned jsem sedla a jiz s vytvorenym planem v hlave jsem zacala hackovat. Zacala jsem na 8 ocek, a pote jsem v kazde rade uhackovala 7 kratkych sloupku. Hackovala jsem do te doby, az byl opasek dostatecne dlouhy, ale i pres to o par centimetru kratsi. Vedela jsem totiz, ze pri zavazovani opasku se opasek mirne vytahne, ponevadz byl hackovany. Na konce jsem pak pripevnila dlouhe snurky, ktere jsem upletla do "copu". Tyto snurky slouzily k zavazani opasku. Kdyz jsem byla hotova, dcerka byla z opasku velmi nadsena a byl dlouhou dobu jeji nejoblibenejsi. Jak povyrostla, tak si snurky vazala na poutka, kterymi se provlekaji opasky. Rozvazovani bylo celkem neproblematicke, ponevadz snurky byly dostatecne hrube.