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Knitted Slouchy Hat and Scarf - Unisex

Sometimes you can be your best advocate in marketing your creations by wearing what you knitted or crocheted. I was approached already on numerous times about knitting or crocheting something for someone just because I wore my HandMade "stuff". My latest encounter with such person was: "Can you, please, knit a hat and a scarf similar to yours for a man?" I had some free time, so I could do it. And while I was knitting on many occasions I watched "Lilyhammer" show - so I shall call this hat and scarf "Lilyhammer Hat and Scarf". It resonates with the cold environment, although it doesn't have any fair isle designs. But... I realized that it can actually be unisex.

And again, I decided to share my pattern (which I am writing as I knit this hat and scarf) with all of you, my dear and faithful following. Thank you all for being my invisible knitting/crocheting friends.

Happy Holidays and Peace on Earth. Now, go and knit some scarfs and hats :-)

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DPN - double pointed needles
CO - cast on
st(s) - stitch(es)
K - knit stitch
m1 - make one (increase by one stitch by picking a yarn between stitches and knitting it
P - purl stitch
K2tog - knit two stitches together
BO - bind off

Materials used:
Yarn: 3-4 skeins for both - hat and scarf (depending how long you want your scarf) - of worsted yarn #4 thickness; colors of your choice; I used Patons Classic Wool, but you can use any worsted yarn of your choice that suggests US size #7 (4.5 mm) needles
Long needles size #7
Double pointed needles, size #7
Hook #F

  • Circumference 20" (this hat can stretch up to 22+")
  • Height: 10"
2"x2" = 10 sts x 12 rows (stockinette) 

Step-by-Step Instructions:

  • HAT
CO 80 sts on long needles

Row 1         *[K2, P2]*, repeat from * to *, then distribute all sts among 4 DPNs and connect into circle without twisting your knit
Rnd 2-12     *[K2, P2]*, repeat from * to *
Rnd 13        *[K5, m1]* - repeat from * to *, (you increased by 16 sts, total 96 sts)
Rnd 14        *[K1, P1]*, repeat from * to *, then m1 (you increase by 1 st, total 97 sts)
Rnd 15-17   *[K1, P1]*, repeat from * to * 

Rnd 18-21    K97
Rnd 22-24    P97
Rnd 25-27    K97
Rnd 28-32    *[K1, P1]*, repeat from * to * 
Rnd 33-36    K97
Rnd 37-38    P97
Rnd 39-40    K97
Rnd 41-43    *[K1, P1]*, repeat from * to * 
Rnd 44-48    K97
Rnd 49-50    P97
Rnd 51-55    K97
Rnd 56-62    *[K1, P1]*, repeat from * to * 
Rnd 63         K97
Rnd 64         *[K2, K2tog]* - repeat from * to *, then K1 (last st) - total 73 st
Rnd 65-66    K73
Rnd 67         *[K1, K2tog]* - repeat from * to *, then K1 (last st) - total 49 st
Rnd 68-69    K49
Rnd 70         *[K2tog]* - repeat from * to * - then K1 (last st) - total 25 st
Rnd 71-72    K25
Rnd 73         *[K2tog]* - repeat from * to * - then K1 (last st) - total 13 st

BO by pulling last knitted st through all the remaining 12 stitches with your hook. Weave in all the ends/tails.

CO 28 sts

Row 1-6       K28

Row 7          K28
Row 8          K4, P20, K4
Row 9          K28
Row 10        K4, P20, K4
Row 11        K28
Row 12        K4, P20, K4

Row 13        K4, *[P1, K1]* - repeat from * to * nine more times (total 10x); K4
Row 14        K4, *[K1, P1]* - repeat from * to * nine more times (total 10x); K4
Row 15        same as Row 13
Row 16        same as Row 14
Row 17        same as Row 13

Row 18        K28
Row 19        K4, P20, K4
Row 20        K28
Row 21        K4, P20, K4
Row 22        K28

Row 23        K4, *[P1, K1]* - repeat from * to * nine more times (total 10x); K4
Row 24        K4, *[K1, P1]* - repeat from * to * nine more times (total 10x); K4
Row 25, 27, 29 - same as Row 23
Row 26, 28,  - same as Row 24

Row 30         K28
Row 31         K4, P20, K4
Row 32         K28
Row 33         K28
Row 34         K4, P20, K4
Row 35         K4, P20, K4

Repeat Rows 7 through 35 until your desired length. Then finish with Rows 1 through 6. Weave in your ends/tails.

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