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Knitted Baby Hat With Antennae

Baby Hat
You have seen them on the internet - cute hats with a little antennae twisted into a knot. I got inspired by the images and made my own. Several of them. Can't make enough of them. The are so adorable. Especially kids are adorable wearing them.

They are fairly easy to make, that is if you know how to make a knit stitch, purl stitch, and if you know how to knit two together, cast on, and bind off. You also need to know how to hold and knit on double pointed needles, and/or circular needles.

They make wonderful gifts. I will be giving two of them away next week. This hat is made for about 3 months old baby. I casted on 50 stitches but you can make the hat bigger by adding 10, 20 or 30 extra stitches. Each 10 extra stitches would make the hat bigger by about 2.5". So if you cast on 60 stitches the circumference would be about 15.5"(and the hat could stretch up to about 18".

If you have hard time with patterns - you can knit along MY VIDEO - LEFTIES HERE & RIGHTIES HERE.

Enjoy. And please, share with your friends and family.

Circumference: 13" (can stretch to 15.5")

Any worsted yarn - #4; two colors
Double Pointed Needles - size #9
Hook - size #H

CO - cast on
K - knit
P - purl
DPN - double pointed needles
K2tog - knit 2 stitches together
BO - bind off


CO 50 sts with yarn color #1

Row 1      K50, then distribute stitches evenly among 3 DPNs, connect into circle (make sure stitches                 are not twisted)
Rnd 2       P50
Rnd 3       K50
Rnd 4       P50
Rnd 5       K50
Rnd 6       P50

Yarn color #2

Rnd 7-??   K50, until the height of your knit (hat) measures 5".

Decreasing for top

Round 1    *[K8, K2tog]* - 5x
Round 2    K45
Round 3    *[K7, K2tog]* - 5x
Round 4    K40
Round 5    *[K6, K2tog]* - 5x
Round 6    K35
Round 7    *[K5, K2tog]* - 5x
Round 8    K30
Round 9    *[K4, K2tog]* - 5x
Round 10   K25
Round 11   *[K3, K2tog]* - 5x
Round 12   K20
Round 13   *[K2, K2tog]* - 5x
Round 14   K15

Yarn color #1

Round 15   *[K1, K2tog]* - 5x
Round 16   K10
Round 17   *[K2tog]* - 5x
Round 18-??   K5 until your "tubular" knit is about 4.5" to 5" long

BO by pulling yarn through all stitches, weave in the ends. Tie the knot and give it to some one.