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Knitted Gray-Yellow Booties For A Newborn

Between painting, crocheting and knitting I have a very little time for other stuff - like cleaning my house. But my hobby is more fun, so that comes first.

Here is another pair of booties/slippers that I finished the other day. Perhaps people might think that they are more for a boy, but I think it would look good on a baby girl too.

My original pattern knitted with just one color can be found HERE. However, I like to incorporate couple of different colors to make these booties look "exquisite".
If you are interested in purchasing any of my booties posted on my blog, you are welcome to let me know via message below the menu (on the side). A price tag is based on how long they are (how much yarn I use), how many colors I use, and how time consuming my design is. Te more complex design, the more money; of course. The simplest one-color booties start at $30. I price them according to time spent knitting these precious items.

The above booties are 3 and 1/2 inches long (for a newborn baby), and since they are made of yarn (a blend of 70% acrylic/30%wool), they can stretch a bit. In other words they can grow with your baby up to about 5+ inches.